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     Novus is a world that was torn asunder due to a powerful magical energy storm over a century ago.  The world was ruled by humankind, the race that had eradicated almost every other race on Novus out of fear and mistrust towards the Elves, Dwarves, Reptilians, and Oxen.
      Since the Maelstrom the humans have developed supernatural skills they are still learning how to master.  Some call it Wizardry, the religious followers believe their newfound skills are due to their Goddess, Aura, who endows them with magical wards, and the ability to overpower the undead.  Alchemists have discovered how to imbue liquids with the magical energies from the air.  Blacksmiths have begun forging unique weapons with devastating power, and even reclusive hermits have discovered ways to use the new found energy to commune with animals.
      Across the land the dead rise due to the residual storm magic that permeates the air, terrorizing the unsuspecting in their mindless quest for destruction.  Some humankind and animals have suffered deformations over the course of time, creating new races of creatures the people of Novus have never seen before.  Goblinoids, strangely enhanced animals, and terrifying monstrosities now roam the land.
      The Maelstrom’s magic even created powerful beings that few people have seen firsthand and survived, such as dragons and demons.  The major cities of the world have been searching for people with the ability to defeat the creatures before it is too late.
      You will take on the role of one of those heroes.  Each hero has their own special abilities, equipment restrictions, and roles in which they can advance to in their journey.

 The world is in need of strong, talented, capable people to lead the charge in the fight against the powerful creatures that devastate the lands of Novus.  There are five rising heroes across the world that are making a name for themselves as they venture across the landscape seeking out knowledge, equipment, and allies to support their aspirations to defeat these creatures.  Click each to see their sheet and story!


The Quest Creatures of Novus are the most powerful and devastating beings that came from the Maelstrom. Click to read their stories.

01 . The World
02 . The Characters
03 . The Creatures

Travelling through Novus can be exciting,

and dangerous.  Learn more about the

Regions of Novus by clicking on them.

04 . The Locations




Legends of Novus may just be the beginning of your adventures

The best part of fantasy worlds is that they are limitless!  This game can be limitless as well.  If there are enough people buying and playing the game then there is a potential for expansion sets or new stand alone games based on the concepts in this game.

We know from experience that there are enough CCGs & TCGs out there (collectible card games and trading card games), so this game is designed to provide you with every card we make for it, which is shared by all players to create an equal opportunity for anyone to win, and everyone to enjoy.

If an expansion for Novus were created it would built upon and work with the concepts already created in this game.  If a stand alone set were made it would give us the chance to try new ideas, new worlds, perhaps even new thematic environments.  The future of the game rests in the players hands through feedback and satisfaction.


05 . The Future
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