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A Fantasy Tabletop Game,1-5 Players, Age 12+

Detailed Rulebook



Every tabletop game needs to have a clear set of rules to refer to before you can truly get started and understand how to play.  Take the time to check out ours...

Click on the box below this section to download a copy of the initial rulebook for Legends of Novus.  There may still be some changes to the graphic layout of the rules book, and minor changes to gameplay before publication.

Like everything else, suggestions and feedback can only help improve the potential future of this game.

Thank you in advance for coming to this website, the fact that you are interested in the initial game concept brings hope to publication of Legends of Novus.

The Game 



Legends of Novus is an adventure game in which you and other players are heroes bravely venturing out into the dangerous lands of Novus.  You will have full control of where you adventure to across the world map, and each player has a very unique character sheet not yet seen in other games (see below).


This is a one to five player game, with each player count adding different dynamics to the decisions you make.  For 2-5 players there is the option to play against one another in a race to victory, or play together in a co-operative method to defeat the most dangerous creatures in the world together. 

The game is almost entirely card-based, with the use of the visual card-placement character sheet to help manage your characters equipment & development cards, and a d10 and d6 to manage some of the trials and combats you will encounter.  A map game board is used to navigate to different locations, with character standees representing your heroes.

The game is won by earning 25 experience points, these can be earned using multiple strategies allowing for different play styles and class strategies n your effort to become a Legend of Novus.

"A brave new world, in need of brave new heroes."

Legends of Novus






legends of novus



One of the unique aspects of the game is that it truly focuses on YOUR character and YOUR items.

You will gain reward cards after adventuring and defeating creatures.  Some of these will be simple or magical equipment that will improve your abilities.

You are able to wear this equipment on your hands, body, feet, and head, but no more than one item per body part.

You can also carry miscellaneous items such as potions and scrolls, but only three at any given time.

This Character Sheet image may change before the game is produced, but the concept will remain the same, a character image with trackers, and a simple 9 grid sheet to fit 9 cards on for each player, +3 skill slots.




If you have ever played an MMORPG, or a Tabletop RPG, you will know that character development is one of the most exciting parts of the game.

The story can be fun, interacting with other players can be fun, but nothing really compares to when you get to buff up your level 23 paladin with a shiny new set of magical armour or an awesome new sword to devastate your enemies with.

In Legends of Novus you will get a chance to experience this in a more physical and visual way, as every new item comes in the form of an actual card that you place directly onto your character sheet.

Every game will be a new experience, as the chances of having the same class with the same equipment at the same point in the game is extremely unlikely.

There will be moments of despair and frustration as your character adventures into the lair of a beast that is too powerful for them to defeat, which may result in a loss of power or even their death.  But then there will be also be moments where you have overwhelming power, crushing even the fiercest enemies that stand in your path.  Or there may be times when you take a different approach, finding a way to win the game through unique class based strategies you may not have expected.

Regardless of what happens, this game promises to provide a fun and interactive experience between you, your character, the creatures, and your opponents.

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